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Sale. Support. H-script finalization by true professionals!

HSCRIPT.NET H-script is a well-known and time-tested modification of the reputed hype script. Due to the fact that previous developers stopped communicating and supporting the project, our team decided to continue the project and support it as one of the most stable and reliable scripts for HYIP projects.

At the moment, we have at our disposal the current version of h-script and are ready to offer it to everyone with our improvements and changes for only $200! You can familiarize yourself with all current script changes on the corresponding page.

This price includes:

In addition, we can refine the h-script to your needs, optimize for a specific task, or write a script from scratch for an additional fee.

At the moment, a regular weekly update of the script parameters is planned. All our customers will have access to the newest version of the product.

It is worth noting that you pay $200 not for the script itself, but rather for its weekly improvement and revision. Regular customers will receive all of the above absolutely for free!

Due to the ambiguous reputation of the past H-script administration, consultation and purchase of the script is possible only via e-mail: support@hscript.net

All the necessary functional right out of the box!

Total freedom of action.

The source code of the H-script allows for changes and improvements without the author`s consent. The two main libraries are encoded using IonCube and are tied to a domain. Perhaps, this is one of the significant advantages of our script over closed competitors.


Stable project support

Following current trends, we constantly refine HS, introduce new functions, increase stability and reliability. We are always in touch with our customers and listen for all their wishes! Only together we can become the best!